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Sweeping changes to Canada Water dock approved despite locals’ wildlife concerns

Rotherhithe residents will be getting a distinctive new red wooden boardwalk across Canada Water dock by the Tube station, although with plants and trees having to be cut down, some people are worried about the impact on wildlife.

British Land’s boardwalk application was approved by Southwark Council’s planning committee on Tuesday night (January 18), along with a raft of other changes to Canada Water dock, as part of the developer’s grand plans for the area.

The boardwalk, which will be for pedestrians only, will run from the southern edge of the dock to Deal Porter Square. Cyclists will not be allowed.

The company said it would take out existing plants and trees from around the dock “to create three zones of wetland habitats characterised by reedbeds, wet woodland and wet meadow and pond”.

Objectors to the plan called this “criminal”. Recommending that the plans go ahead, Southwark’s planning officers said it was “regrettable” that two nesting seasons would be disrupted – but argued that the overall benefit to wildlife outweighed the harm this would cause.

British Land will also raise the dock’s water level and improve water quality with a new drainage system. Other changes include a pergola and a new ‘dipping pond’ that will be open to the public, with gate access for safety.

Michael Delfs, development executive at British Land, said staff were “delighted” that permission had been granted.

He added: “The proposals reflect over six years of engagement with the local community whose feedback, alongside contributions from organisations, designers, and experts across a wide range of fields, has been instrumental in shaping the plans.

“The new Canada Dock embodies an aspiration for Canada Water: welcoming and accessible to all members of the community, with open spaces, nature, and exciting urban development side by side.”



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