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Mould still causing blurred vision for council tenant nearly two months after he told the council

A council flat resident is concerned for his health as his kitchen is still inundated with mould nearly two months after he raised the issue.

James Gillespie, 56, first discovered the mould in his Camberwell flat on October 6, when he happened to move a picture in his sitting room and found mould growing behind it.

Despite multiple emails from James to the council, the problem remains unfixed. After various visits from council officers, the problem has been confirmed as the symptoms of a broken mains pipe leaking into the walls. It is also affecting the flat below James.

He is particularly concerned about the impact the mould is having on his health.

He said: “I am working from home so I have all the windows open and heat on to mitigate the mould, but I still have eye problems. I can feel it in my chest.

“It’s a question of power dynamics. I’m fairly savvy with trying to get things done, but even I’m exhausted. It’s chaos.”

A council spokesperson said: “We are getting closer to resolving this complex issue, with some repairs having taken place, and we are grateful for the cooperation of all residents in assisting with that.

“Some additional works have happened in a neighbouring property to ensure spillage is not a problem going forward. The main issue of a broken pipe is currently being resolved by our engineering team.

“We still wish to schedule some reinstatement works once the leak is fixed and we have agreement with the resident to do so.”


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