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Bermondsey infill: eight more council homes approved on Pynfolds Estate

An ‘infill’ project to build eight more council flats in an existing Bermondsey estate was unanimously approved at a Southwark Council planning meeting on Tuesday (November 16).

The new flats will go on a car park site in the north-east corner of the Pynfolds Estate off Jamaica Road, in a part-five and part-six storey block.

The architects for the new building conceded that it would be disruptive for the people already living in the estate’s 103 existing flats, but said that “mitigation” measures should be put in place.

The planning application has more than twenty comments objecting to the plans, with one in favour. Residents’ arguments against the new build include concerns about possible shadowing effects, loss of parking and the effect on William Gaitskell House, a grade-II listed building on Paradise Street, opposite the planned site.

The current site

Recommending the application, Tooley Street planners pointed out that car parks were not protected in planning policy and said that the plans make an “efficient” use of space. “The height, scale, massing and detailed design of the proposed building are appropriate within the context of the site,” they added.

The Pynfold Estate homes were just one of several proposals for new council flats that got unanimous approval at the planning meeting on Tuesday.


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