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When did the Bermondsey bomb land?

Eighteen die when the tall Guiness Buildings in Pages Walk are demolished. Miraculously, a baby trapped under the wreckage is found alive after three days.

Several die when a bomb penetrates into the basement of the Old Bermondsey? town hall in Spa Road on September 15.? Four more die in Walworth pub The Princess of Wales in Dawes Street.

On September 16, one person dies when a shelter in Bermondsey?s leather factory in The Grange is destroyed. The next night another leather factory in Grange Road is hit by five high-explosive bombs and traps 400 terrified people in a shelter.

On September 18 the first parachute landmine falls near the Labour Institute in Fort Road, Bermondsey, at 10.40pm, causing a massive explosion. These lethal devices caused great destruction because they fell to earth more slowly and did not penetrate as deep into the ground. Rather than the explosion causing a deep crater, its full force blasts surrounding buildings. The area bound by Fort Road and Dunton Road is devastated. The Labour Institute, chapel, police station, Labour Co-operative Bakery and lots of houses are reduced to rubble.

A heavy high-explosive and incendiary raid shatters the relative calm on December 8. A parachute mine wreaks havoc in Abbey Street.

January 1941: a bomb destroys houses in The Grange and Abbey Street and the Grange Mission, killing three.

Sunday, February 20 1944: Bermondsey is hit twice in three minutes, just after 10pm. Two people are killed and twenty-four injured, with the worst damage at the east end of Spa Road and Thurland Road.


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