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Terminally-ill mum of three launches inspirational fundraiser

An “heroic” 33-year-old mum of three from Rotherhithe has set up a hugely-popular fundraiser for cancer research, after receiving a terminal diagnosis in January.

Harriet Le Compte, whose young children are aged just four, six, and thirteen, was first diagnosed with bowel cancer in May 2021 following a series of hospital visits and fruitless consultations. It soon spread to her chest and upper body. 

“It’s so shocking”, said her sister Lisa Hickey. “You always see stuff like this on the telly, but you take it for granted that it is not your family or someone you love.”

“There’s this gut wrenching pain that actually hurts,” she added. “It was the most devastating news for us all as a family.”

Harriet pictured on the left is well-loved in her community.

Harriet’s fundraiser for medical research into bowel-cancer treatments has received more than £30,000 in donations from thousands of people – all in the short space of a week. One individual donated £2,000.

“We have been overwhelmed by the kindness of people in Rotherhithe,” said Lisa. “It’s the only silver lining in this terrible situation.”

A massive fundraiser is planned on Sunday March 13 from 1pm at Eltham Town Football Club. There will be a DJ, live singers, inflatables, soft play, food and sweets, alongside a raffle and auction.

Lisa says there has been incredible help from small businesses and even former Millwall players, while locals have generously given donations from their own pockets, valuable items for the the event’s raffle and offered to donate the profits from their market stalls.

All proceeds will go to Harriet’s Gofundme page.

“We don’t know how much money we want,” said Lisa. “We just want to do as much as we can to hopefully help.”

Lisa says her sister is “such an inspiration.” Despite everything that has happened, Harriet has set up an Instagram group (@cancer_Chicks), which seeks to support fellow cancer sufferers and raise awareness of the disease. 

It has attracted thousands of followers from all over the world, with people getting involved from as far away as South Africa.

“She gave people a boost,” said Lisa. “This in turn gave her a big boost. It is something she is really proud of.”  

Harriet, who went to St Joseph’s School on Gomm Road, was told the devastating news in January, after being hospitalised by Covid. She had previously been told by doctors on Christmas Eve that some parts of her body were clear, yet the cancer has stubbornly remained in her bowel.

Harriet lives with her partner Dan and their three children in New Eltham.

They want to tie the knot as soon as possible.. 

“Harriet has three beautiful children and a partner called Dan we can’t believe this could be nearly over we’re going to fight every step of the way,” said Harriet’s Gofundme Page. “F*ck Cancer.”

Harriet is a fun-loving, young mum.

There has been an outpouring of public support on the page, with hundreds of people “sending their love and support” and wishing Harriet “strength.”

One donor commented: “Harriet, we can’t even begin to imagine what you and your family are going through. This is such a cruel cruel disease that steals so much. We’re sending all our love and strength for the hard times ahead.”

Harriet’s Gofundme page can be accessed here.



  1. Thank you so much for sharing my story. I hope this pain doesn’t affect anyone else’s family. I hope to bring awareness for young people with cancer. I was told by gp I was to young for it to be cancer ?

  2. My beautiful brave niece Harriet, we love her so much, the fund raiser is maybe to find alternative treatment to prolong her life a little bit longer to spend with her partner Dan, her three children and her mum Karen ‘my sister’. My dear sister Karen who is broken hearted, Harriet is her only child and she asks if people can give whatever they can afford from £1 upwards. We as a family all originate from Bermondsey. We are all amazed how genious people have been so far thank you please keep it up.

    From a loving aunt Maria and her family ‘we are with you all the way Harriet’ x


    Help Harriet and her family

  3. Think it must be misquote as Lisa is running london marathon 2022 For Bowel cancer – We are trying to get funds towards treatment to give Harriet a bit of extra time with her children and thank everyone who has all ready donated and gave generous gifts and future donations- please pass on link to
    Everyone you know.

    God bless Harriet’s mum Karen ?

  4. Harriet is a beautiful young lady, inside and out. She has a lovely family with her partner Dan, and their beautiful children.
    My heart breaks for her mum too, my sister in law. Harriet is her only child.
    It’s such a cruel disease and as a family we are devastated – it really is soul destroying, seeing her pain and suffering.
    We will never ever give up. Harriet is still here, and who knows what tomorrow brings.
    Keep fighting my darling, you are loved so very much, ?

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