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Walworth fights to save a beloved pub from redevelopment

Walworth residents have expressed overwhelming objection to an application to turn a popular pub into a two-bedroom residential area.

A historic pub originally built in 1827, the Beehive, on Carter Street, is stated to be of immense importance to local residents, and according to objectors, “contributes hugely to the character of Walworth.”

The application to the council is to transform the pub into a residential building consisting of one two bedroom flat and a one bedroom flat.

It has seen 168 objections and only two in support on the council’s website. One objector stated: “Every option for keeping the Beehive open as a pub for the local community needs to be explored before conversion to residential is even considered.”

In November last year, the pub was named alongside two others as an asset of community value, as a result of a nomination by the Walworth Society. This means that a community group can bid to buy the building if sold, and the seller must sell to a community group within the first six months if there is interest.

The Walworth Society stated: “There are many people locally who would be keen to contribute to making a success of the Beehive if it was offered to the community.”

The Walworth Society also argued that the area around Carter Street was already heavily residential, and that Walworth had lost many pubs over the last 20 years.

The Beehive was built when Carter Street was first formed. According to local Diana Cochrane, the pub survived near destruction in World War 2 when a bomb exploded in the street, obliterating everything in the area – except the Beehive.

The Walworth Society is urging people to object on the council’s website to try to see off the application.

It is believed the application has been submitted by the pub’s owners. The News has attempted to contact them for comment.



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