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Morley College invites people to follow ‘invisible dance’

A Waterloo adult and further education college is inviting people to follow in the footsteps of an ‘invisible dance’ that one of its tutors did on Thursday night (December 16).

Marta Valverde, a dance teacher at Morley College, danced through the streets around the Waterloo centre before ending up on the college steps. Her route was traced in chalk.

She said the dance was to show how art connects people, even in a time when Covid-19 is threatening to separate communities yet again.

Marta said she took inspiration from a project called Invisible Dances – Art in & around Lockdown, by dancer Elisabeth Schilling.

Part of the route

She added: “It’s all about creating connections and expressing our artistic voices even in times where a lot of people have been isolated or challenged.

“It sheds light on the continued efforts artists have made to deliver art through and after lockdown. I think it sends a strong message about how far art and creativity go in their role connecting people, and therefore why they’re such an important part of our communities.”

Now Marta, her dance team and the college are asking people to get involved and dance along the chalk route themselves and send videos and pictures of themselves to and


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