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We are now at war over ‘social cleansing’ because of the Aylesbury Estate and others like it

Council estates being classified as brownfield sites by Lord Adonis (Labour) in his blueprint for social cleansing – which is mistitled “City Villages More Homes,Better Communities” – means every council tenant and leaseholder is now at war with Labour.

This Labour lord betrays an utterly disgraceful disrespect of and desire for wanton destruction of existing council-estate communities of working people.

He seems to believe the lies he and his cronies have propagated against real communities for decades.

His schemes will never build vibrant communities like the Aylesbury, which was renowned for its cohesion and Aylesbury-in-bloom flower box competitions for example – but are intended to create new social apartheid ‘communities of money spinning’ with property speculation and money-laundering as their core economic drivers.

If council housing secure tenancies and low (genuinely affordable) rents are destroyed and so-called social renting replaces them, there will be runaway rent rises and house price gazumping, as is already happening in and near so-called regeneration areas.

Notting Hill Housing Trust is already charging double council rent on the Aylesbury Estate and this is before a single penthouse suite has been built or sold to money laundering Russian or Chinese speculators which will ramp up markets and so-called social rents beyond imagination.

New flats on the Old Kent Road are being offered now for AT LEAST four times council rents.

We repeat our invitation to Ed Miliband to visit us on the Aylesbury Estate so he can himself see through the lies he has been told and the abject suffering being imposed on ordinary people in his name.

The jackals of privatisation and speculation have been unleashed by Labour.

The people will never surrender and are now fighting back and will continue to fight with no holds-barred until victory.

Piers Corbyn and Aysen Dennis, Walworth.


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