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The council were right to have a Holocaust web ban

I read with astonishment the call by some people to give unfettered access to sites containing Holocaust information.

It seems, sadly, those people who want unrestrained access have scarcely given any thoughts to our children who use Library facilities in Southwark quite frequently.

I have four children and will not give them access to such materials without parental guidance or control especially, now that there are other schools of thoughts and thousands of websites that hold contrary views to WWII holocaust.

I know a child who recently viewed a short clip on Youtube of the massacre of school children in Northern Nigeria by Boko Haram; this child is still traumatized so, imagine the likely psychological damage an unrestrained access to a controversial subject like the holocaust can cause.

Have they even thought that young users may end in a Holocaust denial site?

I think the status quo in Southwark libraries should be vigorously maintained and any adult who needs to access any such information should speak to staff or apply for a higher level access. What next… access to pornography?

As for the person asking that Cllr Dixon-Fyle be removed from the cabinet, nothing could be more ridiculous. Cllr Dixon-Fyle is an excellent councillor who we are lucky to have in Southwark.

M. Aneka, via email


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