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Sewer failure is money down the drain

I was totally shocked to read in your paper about the embarrassing debacle of Southwark Council’s attempt to halt the proposed Thames Water ‘Super Sewer’ being thrown out by the High Court…because their application was submitted late! (Southwark News, 22 January)

The council, which is trusted to represent the people of this borough, have provided yet another example of how they are completely unfit to do so. They have ruined 3 years of campaigning by the people of Southwark against this ‘Super Sewer’.

Why is an issue as important as this being left until the application deadline?

A schoolchild could tell you that you should never wait until the last minute! And the council’s excuses on this matter make them seem like a petulant child; they must perform to the standard expected of them when they were elected into office.

The Labour council continue to operate with little accountability and provide no value for money. In fact, the total cost of this shambles is estimated to be over £40,000. To put that into perspective, that could pay for 20,000 free school meals!

They have utterly humiliated Southwark, and the residents are furious.

We demand the responsible Cabinet member should step down immediately.

Prem Goyal, APP MP Candidate for Camberwell & Peckham


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