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Post delay is actually the council’s fault

I see the Southwark News follows the adage of not letting the truth get in the way of a good headline.

Whilst the piece appears factually accurate, it does imply that Royal Mail specifically asked for a ’69-year-old woman’ to escort the delivery.

As an employer, Royal Mail has a duty to ensure the safety of its employees and is acting entirely legitimately and a postie on his/her round has the right to go about their business without being attacked in a lift (or anywhere else ).

The fault, if any, lies with Southwark Council for not maintaining their arrangement with Royal Mail.

Cllr Linforth-Hall’s actions are commendable and won’t do her party’s profile any harm come election time, something Cllr Richard Livingstone should give some consideration.

Stop bleating about ‘privatised Royal Mail’ and resolve the problem.

W Pearce, via email


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