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Letters to the editor and readers’ views: 21/08/2019

Is this Britain’s most pampered pooch?

I’m not amused by the ridiculously expensive gewgaws and garments bestowed on burly bear the pomeranian – page 3, august 15.

I think it’s grotesque.

Michael Zehse, SE15


Family desperate to bring Oliver home after falling from balcony on holiday in Portugal

“Shows how important it is that you get insurance before travelling. Hope that he recovers fully.”

Bill, via the website


Therein is the lesson for us all. Do NOT travel anywhere without proper travel insurance.

Saving a few quid may well be a good idea, but not if your saving of £50 or so leaves your family and friends facing bills of £30,000 to get you back into the country after a mishap abroad.

Mr John Gallagher, via the website


Police not investigating dramatic Bermondsey Iceland crash further as it was a ‘damage only collision’

Absolutely shocked there’s no charges against her, isn’t Iceland looking for compensation?

John Baker, via the website:


Over £80 million cash boost announced for transport improvements to Canada Water and Surrey Quays

Transport is fine in this area. Can’t help but think the government are ploughing money into the wrong places… there are less connected areas of the country, and more pressing issues in London.

Lauren Atherton via Facebook


They had the answer with trolley bus and trams and took them away. Idiocy.

Dean Willson, via Facebook


Helen Hayes’ column, Britain has the most right-wing PM since Margaret Thatcher left office 30 years ago

Can’t see the problem with this!

Cristoph Karl-Hans May via Facebook


Rye Lane traders say business is still slow despite gas works finishing early

Maybe if there was different types of businesses. Instead of phone shops, chicken shops, nail, hair shops, meat shops and of course, phone card stalls. Over and over again.

Mary Joyce via Facebook


‘Garden Tax’: Kitchen waste bins still not issued and ‘no change’ in service say frustrated residents

Saw Cllr Livingstone last week. Advised him of the shambles – he didn’t realise people who paid their subscription, still hadn’t received their garden waste bins – some have waited over a month!

Also wasn’t aware that those that had subscribed in time, their brown bins had still been taken away due to a delay in the stickers being sent.

They are discussing providing complimentary facilities for community centres/TRA – this is after the TRA had to paid for the subscription (but still not received the bin).

Suggested they need many more staff to sort out this mess. He will feed this back to the Southwark ether!

Toby Bishop via website


Date announced for construction of major Cycyleway 4

The good news is we have 9 months now of disruption and extra pollution on Jamaica Road so in the future Donnachadh McCarthy and his mates when they fancy a leisurely weekend cycle to Greenwich they can! Doesn’t matter about the people who actually live by Jamaica Road.

Richard Haughney, via email


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