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Letters of the week (08/10/15)

“Could be waiting 100s of years for kitchens and bathrooms?”

Those Southwark Council tenants who are waiting for a new kitchen or bathroom – maybe even both – at the present level of installing them 92 new kitchens and 112 new bathrooms since the 2014 local election…

You have some wait to reach Southwark Council’s target of 17,500 new kitchens and 21,400 new bathrooms. In this term of office Southwark Council, in the three years left, will complete 224 new kitchens and 184 new bathrooms. For the council target to be reached from 2014 when started, for new kitchens it will take 234 years and for bathrooms  348 years.

None of the spin put forward by Labour in the 2014 council election was costed and was only to get them to win, with no concern over what it might mean to the people of Southwark. It’s now coming home to roost and is being seen for what it really was – just spin.

Richard Rees , former independent candidate in last local election, Walworth


“Mayor Boris has messed up 24hr tube”

Last year the Mayor of London unveiled plans for a 24 hour tube.

This could be a welcome development but the Mayor has failed so far to properly think through a number of issues, on staffing, on safety and on noise disruption.

First, tube unions are rightly angry at the prospect of existing tube workers being forced to work through the night when this was not in their original job description.

Secondly, there are genuine concerns around solo staffing of night tube stations and TfL may need to look at recruiting additional staff in order to operate the service safely.

Finally, a number Londoners are concerned by the noise impact of tube trains running close to their homes 24/7. TfL need to engage with residents to resolve such concerns.

I have long supported the ambition of running an all-night tube service but it needs to be done properly and the challenges it raises overcome.

Boris Johnson’s decision to delay the implementation is perhaps a belated recognition that this is something that cannot simply be rushed through and that proper dialogue with tube unions and residents needs to take place.

Darren Johnson , Green Party Member London Assembly

“More retirement bungalows will help house larger families”

There should be some motivation to the council to build retirement bungalows or apartments, afterall, it would free up properties for larger families.

There are several OAPs living alone yet have two or three bedrooms. If they had ‘somewhere’ to move to, surely this would help?

Sue Harding, via email


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