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Letters to the editor 28/07/16

It might be concrete but is still a much needed play area

In regard to the article in last week’s Southwark News, July 21st, 2016,  ‘Don’t scrap our crane’.

Justin Elcombe, managing director of Hollybrook Homes said: “With regard to the loss of the disused youth club and the concrete ball area, we understand that the council have provided much improved replacement facilities locally at nearby Docklands Settlements.”

On page 22 of the same paper in the ‘Community Notices’ section there is an advert for the Docklands Settlements that is offering ‘Astroturf Pitch for Hire £50/hour’

How can this replace a free to use space that is still in use?

No children or their parents in the community can afford £50 an hour.

Although the concrete area has not been maintained by the council for years it is still used.

I can vouch for this as I live next to it and have photos on my phone of children using it.

Sandra Walsh, Rotherhithe


Post-Brexit fear factor is without foundation

Although the EU benefits a ruling elite, for many hundreds of thousands across the continent it has wrecked economics and eroded national sovereignty.

The EU as an organisation is in profound crisis, with declining growth, a tottering banking system, mass unemployment and alarming levels of debt and deep rooted structural weaknesses.

In its latest global strategy report, French bank Societe General carries a piece by one of its top analyst who says: “I believe it is only a matter of time before the Eurozone Project fractures”. He points out that Italy’s banking system is already on the verge of collapse.

Since Brexit though, it has emerged that Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong want to form a financial alliance with London. Also India and China have made enthusiastic noises about strengthening trade links. Don’t forget, we buy more from Europe than we sell to it, so it’s in their interests not to start a trade war.

Britain snared its first major takeover of a European rival since the referendum on a day when bosses talked up their business prospects outside the EU.  And a sign that life in the City was getting back to normal, a string of companies said the fall in Sterling would boost profits, while others identified fresh opportunities.

Buy-out firm Melrose swooped for an American rival, waste management group Shanks announced plans for a ‘transformational deal’ to expand in the Netherlands and Belgium. The deals means that thousands of Dutch and Belgium households will have their rubbish collected and recycled by the British company.

Meanwhile, Primark reported that the French and Americans were falling in love with its cheap fashions.

Also, the boss of the world’s biggest hotel group has predicted that the fall in the pound will lead to a travel boom in Britain.

The post-Brexit fear factor is without foundation and is neither helpful nor desirable if we are to take this great country into a successful independent future.

Reg O’Donoghue, Walworth


A woman at No. 10 and more female plumbers

As a woman steps up to the top job in the UK as prime minister, here at WaterSafe we are backing a free scholarship programme to get more women working in the plumbing industry.

Currently only about one per cent of plumbers in the UK are women, despite many householders saying they would rather employ a female plumber.

Now, Choice Training, in Dagenham, London, is offering free scholarships for women to encourage them to take up a career in the plumbing industry.

The scholarship covers all tuition fees for a one-year course to gain a Level 2 City & Guilds Diploma in Plumbing certificate. The courses run over two days each week.

The scholarships are open to women of all ages and abilities and applicants need to submit 100 words about themselves and why they would like the scholarship.

To find out more visit

To find your nearest WaterSafe-approved plumber visit and type in your postcode.

For more information on becoming a qualified plumber visit



  1. I am enraged by the shameless indifferent attitude of the Wandle Organization who continues to ignore the people living in homes unfit

    for human habitation.

    is there no Justice in this country?

    if Phillip Green and Mike Ashley are being questioned by Parliament

    then why should Wandle be exempt?

    they let down the people they are meant to serve

    and they add insult to injury by issuing the following trash in reply to the complaints from the people living in their appalling estates,

    “Wandle is committed to providing homes people can be proud of and will
    continue to ensure Felix Court and Woodrow Court are safe and secure.”
    They are having a Laugh
    and should not be allowed to continue without accountability or question.
    Tracy Lees should be sacked without delay.
    she doesn’t deserve to remain as CEO when Wandle has such an appalling Track record.

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