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Letters to the Editor: 20/10/16

Drivers take the bus

How  many of the people signing the petition against the bus lane in Jamaica Road are car-drivers, I wonder? (‘On The Road To Nowhere’ Southwark News, October 6th, 2016).

I suspect quite a few. How many drive through with no-one else in the car?

It’s time these motorists got into their skulls that they are part of the problem. Now they want to spread their congestion on to the bus lane and make that congested too. The bus lane is used by five bus routes. The buses move scores of passengers and are pretty much packed at rush hour. I suggest that, rather than signing petitions, these drivers should walk or cycle – or take public transport. That’s what it’s there for.

John Taylor, Rotherhithe


Swimming pool envy

Further to my letter to your newspaper on 14th July 2016 regarding Southwark’s proposed new swimming pool at Canada Water.

I read in the October edition of the Waltham Forest Echo that London Borough of Waltham Forest have just opened a new leisure centre, called Feeling Good.  This has a pool with three diving boards.

Come on Southwark!

Surely you would like to provide your Southwark residents with an even better state of the art pool than Waltham Forest?

Andy Hind, Rotherhithe


Khan is very quiet

Heathrow Airport is truly a monstrosity of commercial infrastructure ever devised for London the ‘Greatest Capital City In The World’?

London’s Labour MPs (and others no doubt) are to be given a free vote on Heathrow expansion. A free vote means MPs can ignore their constituents wishes and vote for what suits them personally or politically and where kowtowing to the corporate lobby is almost certainly a factor in MPs voting on Heathrow.

Let’s be reminded that a bigger Heathrow will mean more noise day and night, more pollution, more vehicle congestion all around and leading into and out of Heathrow. In short Heathrow expansion will be more of a nightmare than it is at present. And, let’s not suppose that expansion just effects the immediate environs of Heathrow Airport.

Anyone who lives under flight paths that blight whole swathes of London knows what a horrendous effect is incurred to the quality of our lives with endless aeroplane noise. Shamefully Labour supports Heathrow expansion – so did Sadiq Khan when a Labour MP before becoming London Mayor. But, Khan turned-turtle when campaigning for that prestigious municipal office he now smugly occupies. He wasn’t stupid to realise Heathrow was a very contentious issue his main mayoral rival Zak Goldsmith had already been extremely, and rightly, hot on for years. Khan could ill afford to loose anti-Heathrow mayoral votes – so he cynically bit his ‘faithful lip’ and went for a London lie.

But, now how quiet is our London Mayor on Heathrow expansion as it (Heathrow) is about to be voted on in parliament, and which he’s professed a half-hearted ‘no‘ to expansion – unlike his predecessor Boris who lambasted horrendous Heathrow for a more user-friendly alternative built away from populations?

Now, when it matters, not a whisper from London Mayor Sadiq Khan about ‘the greatest city in the world’ soon to be overflown and polluted with even more noise and other environmental blight even more often, and often, and often…

Brace ourselves for the nightmare of noise and fuel polluting aeroplanes over our capital while the London Mayor and our MPs (bar a few) raise barely a whisper against Heathrow’s expansion about to roar ever more often over our London rooftops.

Bobbie Carnegie, Peckham


Keep caring for elderly

I would like to add my personal thanks to Coral Newell for her forty years’ service to the local community.

The Christmas dinner in Guy’s Tower is an amazing event and helps local, older people who may otherwise be alone or not able to cook or enjoy a hot meal.

I’ve volunteered for a few years and enjoy helping serve the food and pour the drinks.

Coral and her great team always provide a very festive atmosphere – with a meal, entertainment and gifts. It’s an amazing organisation and Coral and her team deserve the acknowledgement of their contribution.

I will try and ensure the event continues for many years to come and hope Coral will continue to guide and support me in doing so.

Neil Coyle, MP for Bermondsey & Old Southwark


Shocked at Mind

Last Friday while walking along Grove Vale I saw four or five cookery books and by such names as Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay all in perfect condition all on the pavement.

Next to them were three or four  jigsaws. As they were only four footsteps from The Mind Charity Store-and directly in front of their door -I assumed they were for the shop.

In I went and told the manager that there were some books etc. Outside for them. He replied “the Council will come to take them away!” Needless to say I was flummoxed and puzzled and asked him if they were not taking donations of perfectly good items! Again I got exactly the same reply!

Even though Mind’s website asks for donations it is clear they really don’t want them. I feel sorry for the person who left these gifts for the charity believing they were doing good whereas their thoughtfulness was completely ignored. Avoid this charity store which faces Goose Green as it is clearly a waste of time giving them anything. I wrote to the Mind headquarters but have heard nothing apart from a thank you! The staff at Goose Green  could not be bothered to walk the few steps to collect your gift-instead try St.Christophers on Lordship Lane where they appreciate your efforts!

Patrick O Sullivan, via email



  1. Further to Bobbie Carnegie’s comments regarding the proposed Heathrow Airport extension; we in West Walworth have, since August, been subject to the horrendous result of planes overflying us 4.30am – 11pm on a near-daily basis. According to Cheryl Monk, Head of Community Relations & Policy, Heathrow Airport ‘There have not been changes made to the numbers of or the height at which aircraft are approaching Heathrow’ sent by email on 22 September 2016 in response to my comment that in 30 years of living in the same house in SE5 the audibility and visibility of overflying airplanes is unprecedented. Another runway means more of the same hell for more people

    Bridget Bell, Camberwell

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