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Letters to the editor: 07/09/2017

I have inherited a bunch of photos for my passion in family history, and have unearthed this fab photo of my ex-husbands relatives, taken sometime between 1915 and 1942.

The only guideline I have for this date, are the 3 men standing, 5th, 6th and 7th position from the right.

Seventh from the right is Edmund (sometimes called Edward) Haighton (born 1873).  His daughter Mary Ann married the man standing immediately to his left, number 6 from the left.

Number 6 is James Mitchell (born 1892), and his sister Emma married the man standing to his immediate left, and slightly in front. Number 5 from the left, being William (Bill) Thompson (born 1890). Bill and Emma married in 1914, James and Mary married in 1915.

So these men standing together shows their friendship and close knowledge of each other.  James Mitchell died in 1944, and Edmund Heighton, just before him in 1942. As it goes, Bill’s wife (and James’ sister) Emma, also died shortly after this too, and where Bill Thompson and Mary Ann Haighton consoled each other, they eventually got married to each other in 1945.

They all lived, married and died within the Southwark and Dulwich area, so I am assuming that this photo has been taken outside a pub somewhere in the area also, and that everyone else in the photo are pretty local to the area.

Hopefully some of your readers may have relatives in the photo as well, and this may prove to be a little gem for some of them. Its the only photo we have of Edmund.

I would love it if anyone can add details to it for me.location, other names. I think its a fab photo!

Sandy Knight, Rochester, sandyknight64@hotmail.com


Some uplifting news

Could I please bring a bit of brightness and good news to the normal gloominess of this letters’ page.

The other day, I came out of hospital and went to do some much needed shopping.

I went into Poundland at Surrey Quays to buy a few bits and bobs. I used one of their self service machines and paid with a £20 note. Where I was in a rush and still wasn’t feeling that great, I left the shop without collecting my change from the machine.

I didn’t realise this until I got back home, and I didn’t feel up to going back to the shop. So I went back the next day and explained what had happened. The staff were extremely helpful and advised me to go back after 12 pm to see the manager.

I went back and saw the manager who told me that a member of staff had handed in my change and she gave it back to me.

You really can’t ask for anything better than that and I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at Poundland.

Tony Moorcroft, Bermondsey


Social care consensus

In response  to an Independent Age survey showing the majority of MPs think the social care system is not fit for purpose.

It is encouraging to see so many MPs across all political parties recognising the need for action to find a sustainable solution to the adult social care funding crisis.

The extra £2 billion for social care over the next few years is a step in the right direction, but it is only one-off funding which reduces each year. Vital services caring for elderly and disabled people still face an annual £2.3 billion funding gap by 2020, which will continue to grow.

It is absolutely critical that the Government brings forward its Green Paper on the future of social care and works with local government leaders to address the issue of long-term funding and also create the conditions necessary to ensure the development of the right kind of care and support services.

We strongly support a cross-party consensus on adult social care and councils are firmly committed to making this happen.

With councils facing further funding pressures and growing demand for support by the end of the decade and beyond, this is the best way to ensure we will find a solution that ensures our future generations enjoy a care system which doesn’t just help them out of bed and gets them washed and dressed but ensures they have dignified and fulfilling lives.

Cllr Izzi Seccombe, Chairman of the Local Government Association’s Community Wellbeing Board


Our flight hell

I write to register serious disturbance by planes arriving for Heathrow.

This is not one complaint. I have kept a diary between September 2016 – 22 March 2017  let us say conservatively 4.30am -6am  10 fights; 6.01am – 9am 60 flights; 9am – 6pm I am out of the house,thank fully; then between  6pm – 11pm 150 flights,  making a total daily number that affect me of 220 flights,  over 187 days  making it 41,140 complaints.

Notwithstanding the WHO recommendation for 7-8 hours respite my house, garden and vicinity are the turning point for planes coming to Heathrow beginning at 4.30am and not stopping until 11/11.30pm i.e. giving me and my neighbours no more than 5 hours silence.

The majority of planes are operated by BA, with Emirates and Qatari flights a close second. They are low, whining, and extremely loud.

We await the findings of the Night Flights Consultation and how the Government proposes to act on them. Bearing in mind the level of complaints regarding the current night flights policy, it is unreasonable that any change should be considered only in conjunction with allowing a third runway at Heathrow.

We hope the Government  will not  play off the mental health and wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of London residents affected by aircraft activity against commercial gain the benefits of which will not be seen by many of us?

And it will not support any move to allow aircraft to fly lower because their engines are deemed to be quieter.

Bridget Bell, Camberwell


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