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Letters: 25/05/16

Just what has Walworth done to deserve the loss of a decent postal service?

Not content with the threatened loss of the Crown Post Office on the Walworth Road and its replacement with an inferior franchise plus the threatened closure of the Sorting Office on Crampton Street and having to trek over to the Bricklayers Arms just to pick up a parcel, we now find that two of our not very many post boxes on the Walworth Road have been closed – just like that.

It would not be so bad if there was ever anyone that you could approach at the Royal Mail or the Post Office to ask about getting them re-opened but any dialogue with either is almost completely impossible – the Post Office refused to attend any local meetings about the franchise idea even when asked by the Community Council. Any help for those wanting to post a letter in Walworth would be very welcome!

Jeremy Leach, chair of the Walworth Society


Help find Dad – the Milk Tray stuntman

I am hoping that you can help me.

I am searching for my father, John/Johnny Carr who I believe moved to the Peckham / South London area a couple of years ago.

I have heard that he is in ill health and may not even be alive but I am getting married next year and I would like to know once and for all these years if we look alike, and where I come from.

John was born Royston C. Caddy in 1952, in Redruth, Devonshire. He had lots of brothers and sisters but I am in touch with recently a sister called Linda Goodall, who is now known as ‘Chrissie’. He grew up in Crawley, and married a Lucy Coffey in 1980s and had a child, Victoria Carr in 1982. He later met my mother and lived in Hull with her and they had me in 1989.

He is believed to be quite a well known stunt man, he did the stunts in one of the Milk Tray adverts, did stunts in Herbie Rides Again and did the Swindon Bridge Stunt in 1996. He worked with a Mark Stannage another stuntman, and they were the ‘Phoenix Fire Blowers’ and toured all over the country.

The only other information I have is that he moved to Goole and then to Peckham which I believe is where he is now / where he passed away and I am search desperately for closure and hope you or your readers can help.

Kristie Nightingale-Carr, via email


‘Ere we go again!

Turn back the pages of Southwark News to 23 September 1999, and you will read exactly the same officials of Dulwich Hamlet FC threatening exactly the same dire demise of the club.

Then, disaster would have resulted from not allowing Homebase to build a DIY store on the pitch and move the stadium to Green Dale. Fast forward 17 years and the alarms concern a  developer, wants to build 155 posh flats  and ….you’ve guessed it …. moving the pitch to Green Dale.

Southwark Planning and a government inspector rejected the plan then. Now, the local community demands that precedent being repeated to save this much-loved green open space, enjoyed by people, rare species and wildlife alike.

It remains protected Metropolitan Open Land, at a time when open spaces are fast disappearing in London. Once lost, it can never be replaced. .

As a long-term Hamlet season-ticket holder, and former chair of its Supporters’ Trust, I believe we should be  developing Plan B for taking Gavin Rose’s exciting and entertaining team to higher levels at a much-improved Champion Hill stadium.

We need a wholly different form of ownership. Certainly, not just waiting for yet another White Knight with dark dreams of huge profits.

Jonathan Hunt, Camberwell 


Was Boris on Nitrogen Dioxide study?

Knowing children risk reduced lung capacities and asthma from exposure to vehicular pollution, it’s staggering that for two and a half years Boris Johnson sat on study showing almost a quarter of London’s primary schools are in areas exposed to illegal levels of Nitrogen Dioxide.

If this was a deliberate cover up, the former Mayor of London failed in his public health responsibilities and showed negligence. Having found this report, the new Mayor Sadiq Khan should take note that some of these schools are in outer London boroughs and beyond his proposed Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

It’s essential these boroughs have the ability to opt in to the ULEZ right from the outset.

Caroline Russell, Green Party London Assembly Member


Make sure you’re able to vote

On the 23rd June  we will be making a fundamental decision as to whether to remain in the EU or walk away.

I have no hesitation in urging people to vote to remain.

The EU brings huge benefits to the UK and especially London’s economy.

To give just one example –  being part of the Single Market supports London’s status as an international economic hub.    40 per cent of the world’s largest 250 companies have chosen London for their European or global headquarters, with almost half citing access to Europe as the core reason for investing in London.

The EU also brings many other benefits, ranging from action to tackle air pollution through to delivering low mobile phone bills.

Another benefit is the European Investment Bank, which has allowed cheap borrowing to allow billions to be invested in transport and infrastructure projects in London, such as Crossrail.

However wherever you stand on this issue, do make sure you are able to vote.

If you are not on the electoral register you simply have no voice

Simply go to gov.uk/register-to-vote by midnight 7th June to register.

Caroline Pidgeon MBE, Liberal Democrat Assembly Member



  1. So Jonathan Hunt talks of developing “Plan B” for Dulwich Hamlet without actually mentioning what that Plan B might be. Would be more useful for such ideas to founded in something more concrete than mere words,

  2. Jonathan Hunt is of course entitled to a personal opinion and yes it would be helpful to set out what he thinks plan B looks like. To be clear though, the Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust is in complete support of plan A. This followed a vote of members where an overwhelming 94% of participants were in favour of the plans. The Supporters’ Trust is campaigning alongside others at the club to secure a grant of planning permission for the plans in line with out members wishes. DM, Vice Chair, DHST.

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