Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Legal costs should be used on residents

It is devastating that the council’s failure to put the application in on time led to the High Court throwing out the judicial review about Chambers Wharf.

At last week’s full council meeting the Labour Leader of the Council refused to apologise for such an enormous bungle.

This was bad enough, but he also refused to spend the money which has been saved from further court hearings on the local community.

Local Liberal Democat councillors will continue to press for this financial support, which is the least that the council can do given the legal mess and that might help to minimise some of the disruption residents will face.

Residents should not have to pay the price for council bungles.

In light of the council’s failure to defend us through the courts, the legal funds should now be used to make the lives of those affected by their errors a little easier while construction takes place.

Councillors Anood Al-Samerai, Eliza Mann and Hamish McCallum Liberal Democrat Cllrs for Riverside Ward


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