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If Simon Hughes helps the Tories win, we all lose

Good to see Mr Hughes keeping an eye on pensions in your letters’ pages last week, he reaches 65 soon.

Pity he seems not to have been so worried about the cuts in the fuel allowance that has badly affected us as electricity and gas prices go up.

He seems to have fallen for the Tory trick of pretending we’re all selfish.

The divide and rule tactic doesn’t wash in communities where we care about the future of all our families.  I care about my kids paying the bedroom tax. I want my grandchildren to do well and have every opportunity possible instead they are faced by steep education costs and the possibility of not being able to get jobs.

Mr Hughes has backed his Tory Government so hard that they have given him a job.  But asking the electorate to keep him in power for the next five years so that he can possibly introduce tax cuts for the elderly is asking too much, especially given his broken promises on student grants and his failure to make a stand on things like bedroom taxes.

The risk of him keeping Cameron and Cleg in power for five more years would mean that all my family will lose out.

Martin McGinty , Rotherhithe


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