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Heygate Estate decant chronicled in short film

I wondered if you may have received a copy of this small film ‘concrete heart land’ that has been sent on to me from Southwark Notes?

The News very kindly published my letter a few years ago concerning the struggles of the local people who lived on the Heygate Estate, who had no wish to be farmed out to different areas of Southwark and beyond to make way for Lend Lease and their investors to profit from the local people of the Elephant & Castle.

Southwark Council made many promises to the tenants, which did not materialise, and the tenants were also offered ‘Happiness Therapy’ by Robert Holden, whose book ‘Shift Happens’ was a best seller!

Whose wonderful idea was this at Southwark Council to prepare the tenants to accept the ‘shift’ from an area they enjoyed living in to make way for the rich, that has caused great ‘unhappiness’ for many ex- tenants who would love to come back to the Elephant & Castle?

May I ask, if permission is granted by Southwark Notes, to bring this film to some of your reader’s attention, to highlight the struggle the residents and their supporters have endured over the last twelve years. Thank you.

Suzan Crawley, by email.


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