Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Colour of Harriet Harman’s pink bus is bit of a red herring

Politicians and media commentators are criticising Harriet Harman for choosing a pink bus to travel round the UK appealing to women voters.

Some say it’s patronising, and a Barbie colour.

The colour of her bus is a bit of a red (should that be pink?) herring. What matters to her constituents is that she will be spending yet more time away from the constituency desperately trying to shore up the Labour vote elsewhere.

She has become complacent about her vote here in Camberwell & Peckham and many voters think her out of touch with their needs.

It’s time for a change, which is one of the many reasons I’m standing for election in Camberwell & Peckham.

Rebecca Fox, National Health Action Party PPC for Camberwell & Peckham


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