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We need to act fast to help the Cinderella profession in this crisis – the carers

In  just a matter of days the whole way in which we exist has changed and we do not know for how long. And in times of national and in this case a global emergency, the best and worst in people comes to the fore.

Some of our systems are brought into sharp focus. Problems that already exist increase and this is no more self-evident than in our adult social care services.

Let’s face it, coronavirus to a large extent is a plague on our elderly. The very people who have worked hard throughout their lives to keep treasured institutions like our National Health Service going. It is these people and moreover the people caring for them who need our help.

The government has promised a tremendous amount of cash to keep businesses going, and rightly so, but little to nothing has been said about extra money for adult social care. Before the pandemic it was already on its knees. If we do not act fast to help the carers – often called the Cinderella profession – the knock on effects at the hospitals and so too the country at large will be immense. As more and more doctors and nurses are being found, the same should be done for care workers, who are on the frontline, but are subject to varying contracts.

Southwark Council says it is rapidly scaling up its efforts, even redeploying desk-based officers into frontline work. But, more is needed as old vulnerable people, many of whom have less than adequate times with over-stretched care workers, face even shorter times and other reductions. Those contracted will have fewer staff, many of whom are reliant on buses to get to the people in real need.

We want to hear what more can be done to help the carers, who are the people who are helping look after the elderly – those most at risk along with NHS staff.

And it shouldn’t need saying – but STAY AT HOME unless you are following the lockdown guidelines about when and how to go out.



  1. I am a carer in and around se16, I love my job but since coronavirus I’m finding myself between a rock and a hard place. To be able to carry on working I’m having to leave my 10 year old son who has asthma with his grandparents who also have health issues and the icing on the cake is we can’t get food to feed our familys. I no longer use the bus I’m to scared so I’m using a bicycle. The amount people in the parks is a terrible, I would give anything to isolate and keep my family safe

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