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Surely installing private CCTV is a win/win situation for a cash-strapped council and police service?

If people are willing to stump up the cash to pay for extra security measures the council should let them.

But that is not the case for one Nunhead resident who has spent years coming home to drug dealers and addicts outside his front door.

Formal channels for decoration, security issues, and other communal area concerns in council blocks exist for a reason and we’re not disputing that.

You can’t just have people going rogue changing what they want when they want. No one wants that neighbour. But if a group is in broad agreement and the only issue holding them back is the council’s lack of cash, why kick up a fuss?

Or, if they’ve done it already, let it be.

CCTV in Tappesfield is helping police identify really vulnerable drug addicts and those who shamefully profit from their misery. It’s also saving Southwark Council money.

Surely the housing team can exercise a bit of judgement and see it’s a win/win situation?



  1. The problem for Southwark council is what will NOT be seen by independently managed CCTV.

    Their contractors delivering a service to the agreed level.

    CCTV is a win/win … but only for residents … and that’s not what its all about is it?

    Lets watch in dismay as the council raise council tax to pay for the fight to stop CCTV falling into residents hands.

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