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Garages are not an attractive proposition

The Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre might not be the most attractive of retail spaces in the borough, but it is better than a garage.

With billions being spent on the regeneration of the area, it is a crying shame that those businesses at the shopping centre and indeed the residents of the Perronet House will be so clearly short changed in the future revamp of the Elephant & Castle.

Regeneration by its very definition should improve the lot of the people existing in an area. Unfortunately all too often both residents and business fall victim to regeneration when it simply becomes gentrification and they are priced out.

The council’s offer to house existing independent retailers in the garage of a tower block is not only an unappealing proposition for shop keepers, but it means that the residents living in one of the most built-up areas in London lose their garages.

The council claims that these are unused garages, but residents paint a different picture, and given the premium for spaces it is difficult to imagine that residents would not want to use them.




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