Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Have a free advert on us!

We’ve spent this past week trying to respond to the unfolding Coronavirus situation, and working out how to keep people abreast of what’s happening locally.

We’ve set up a live blog, and our hardworking journalists are updating this night and day, to bring people in south east London up-to-date information about this frightening pandemic, as well as telling you what local businesses and organisations are doing to survive and help their community.

We also want to do our bit to support local business. So we’ve decided to give you all free digital advertising during this crisis.

For any independent or family-run business in the four boroughs of south east London that we cover – Southwark, Greenwich, Lewisham and Lambeth – we’re going to pay our brilliant designers Dan and Aurelio to create an online advert for you, which we’ll run for a month at no cost.

We have 200,000 local people who look at our sites each month, with some 700,000 page views. We hope that many of you will ask us to do this, and we’ll do our very best to get every one of you on.

And if you’re an independent business in our manor, tell us what you’re doing to keep the doors open, or what you’re doing to help people in our community – we’ll promote it for free, online and through our social media channels to tens of thousands of followers.

You can call us, email us, or contact us through social media platforms.

We are also launching an online contribution page for our Southwark News site, to help us to keep providing news. We would be grateful for any contributions readers may feel able to make.

The Southwark News is the only remaining independent paid-for paper in London, and we’re very proud of it.

And we’re proud of our vibrant lifestyle titles: Greenwich & Lewisham Weekender, Urban Fox, and the Bermondsey Biscuit & Rotherhithe Docker, and of our online Southwark News and Millwall site, News At Den.

But most of all, we’re proud of the people who work for us – we have a fantastic team of south London people, who live and breathe it, pretty much round the clock.

The two of us have lived and worked in south east London for over twenty years, if not longer. We love it. And you, the independent businesses, are the lifeblood. We want you to survive and thrive.

We think you will. When this crisis is over, whether it takes weeks or months, we want to know we’ve done everything we could to keep us all going strong.

So get in touch.

Chris and Kev




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