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EDITORIAL: This is what makes Dulwich Hamlet ‘more than a club’

Hundreds of people watched Dulwich Hamlet Football Club play a charity friendly against an Assyrian team last week – another example of what makes the pink and blues, to coin the Barcelona motto, more than just a club.

The fans raised thousands for the Southwark Refugee Project and the British Red Cross Syria Appeal, with all proceeds from the match against north London-based FC Assyria going to a great cause.

Hamlet fans are often mocked on social media and the press for their ‘hipster’ reputation, a lazy tag based on the craft ale in the club bar and the colourful fans in the terrace.

But what makes Hamlet stand out is the efforts of its fans to make things better, both in the local community and across the footballing and non-footballing world. The club’s community spokesperson, Mishi Morath, told the News that “it’s about doing the right thing.”

When it comes to fundraisers like the Assyria game and last season’s ground-breaking anti-homophobia friendly against Britain’s first gay team, we couldn’t agree more.



  1. Who produces a commemorative t-shirt and gives you the option to pay a fiver extra for the charity?
    Yes, yes, the basic t-shirt is not for profit. But surely it would have been truly charitable to say don’t buy the t-shirt and give the money you would have spent to the actual cause?
    And that’s the sort of thing that is making people think of Dulwich Hamlet as bunch of posers, all this “look at me, I do charity!”

  2. Presumably that means that anybody who buys a charity item is simply a poser be it a Sport Relief pen, a Children in Need pudsy or something else?

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