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Ruby Longman’s fundraising target must be met

Crowdfunding seems to be used by all manner of people in order to raise cash, but our front page story on ten-year-old Ruby Longman’s hope to speak to her family for the first time if £10,000 is raised, should be a target met straight away.

 The disabled Bermondsey schoolgirl’s plight melts your heart and considering that the Peckham Lido managed to get nearly £16,000 on the crowdfunding site in just six days, you’d hope that a similar amount of people put their hands in their pockets for Ruby.

Over 400 people contributed towards the Lido, an average of £36. Obviously with the Lido you are contributing towards something you’d hope to use. But for so little you can help this sweet little girl talk for the first time – now that’s priceless.

To join in and help raise money for Ruby’s computer, visit:


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