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Delay to Millwall CPO must prompt reassessment

It was the right decision to adjourn a decision on forcing Millwall FC to hand over some of its land for a controversial redevelopment of the area – although it would be premature to call it a reprieve.

We have written here before about our real misgivings about the Renewal venture, which up to this point appears to have been championed by Lewisham Council, despite big question marks over its actual benefit to the community. And what is beyond dispute is the damage it will cause to Millwall – which should remain the beating heart of the area.

An eleventh hour decision came after the English Football League wrote to the club, warning that it could lose its Youth Academy Category 2 status if its astroturf goes as part of the compulsory purchase order. And this, it seems, was reason enough for councillors to adjourn any decision.

Is it just window-dressing? Possibly. It’s not as if Lewisham Council has only just realised that the forced land buy will have a detrimental effect on the club. A delay is welcome, but only if the decision will properly be reassessed.


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