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COMMENT: Grieving families should not have to chase the coroner

When facing the most difficult of things – a death in the family, the last thing grieving relatives need is uncertainty over when their loved one will be returned to them for burial.

So it’s a great shame that in the case of Terrilee Louise Sanderson this appears to have happened – her family should have been spared the extra heartache if possible.

Terrilee was only 24-years-old when she went to bed on August 30 and never woke up. She left behind her twenty-month-old son, Oliver, and a shellshocked family.

Her mum, Pam, has had to wait weeks before she could see her daughter again, after what appears to have been a communication breakdown with the coroner. A letter was sent out, saying that her body was available to be collected by funeral directors. However, the letter was not received, and repeated calls from the family went through to an answerphone. So by the time Terrilee was embalmed, it was not possible for her family to sit with her, as a grieving family of course want to do.

The coroners’ office wouldn’t comment on this individual case, which is also a shame, as the family deserve answers – it’s easier to hide behind a ‘no comment’ than to respond to criticism.

Ultimately, it must be possible for those who run the coroners’ office to make sure that they do more than send out a letter. If, as the family claim, it was just a letter sent and no more heard, then changes are indeed needed.

Grieving families have more than enough to deal with already, let alone having to chase to find out when their loved one will be released back into their care.




  1. It is totally disgusting how pam has been treated by the coroner’s office.No mother should be treated how pam has .About time the pulled there finger out.And gave pam the Answers she so needs. Shame on them no respect.R.I.P Terrilee xxxxx

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