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Abortion buffer zone necessary

It is right that Southwark councillors have voted unanimously to look at setting up a ‘buffer zone’ outside the Blackfriars Medical Practice, where an abortion clinic is based.

As Lib Dem Cllr David Noakes, who proposed the motion, pointed out, it’s been fifty years since the law was changed to give women the right to a legal and safe abortion.

Half a century on, it is still a contentious and emotive issue, as all matters of life and death are. People will disagree, and have the right to do so.

What shouldn’t be allowed is the harassment and intimidation of women who have had to make such a difficult decision about their bodies.

If anti-abortion campaigners want to make their point, they should do so to government, rather than to those who decided to follow a painful, but entirely legal path.



  1. All praise for the peaceful caring people who stand outside abortion [mills ]establishments trying to show the true appalling truth of what abortion is or does ….while debates rage in Parliament about Animals being capable of feeling pain and emotion [sentience]…there should be another debate on the sentience of precious pre born babys ..which we all were when in the womb weasel words and euphemisms cannot cover up each babys Humanity

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