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A-level students are a shining example in our community

Our schools are a shining example of how if given the right support – no matter where you are from or what your start in life – you can flourish.

Southwark used to have some of the worst performing schools in the country. But after years of heavy investment, the borough as a whole is flying ahead of key national averages, and year-on-year sustaining its outstanding performance.

Nine in ten Southwark schools are now rated good or outstanding and many are attractive workplaces for the brightest and best teachers. But it is of course the students themselves who deserve to be centre stage this week.

We hope the A Level Results Day special in today’s edition does more than just celebrate those who got the best grades.

As many of us know, success in life isn’t all about being an A star student, and intelligence can come in many forms.

We are particularly keen to highlight those who have done well across all fields including business qualifications and sport.

Most importantly, given the tragic consequences of knife crime and gang grooming, and uncertainty for the future of the country in these politically chaotic times, it is wonderful to see how many young people are determined, thoughtful, and diligent –grasping their future with both hands.

Wherever you go onto to study, work, and live in future, we hope you carry this passion and commitment with you.

You’ve done Southwark proud.


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