Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Southwark bishops unhappy over lockdown ban on group worship

Politicians imposing the lockdown  for a month have earned themselves a stern rebuke from senior church figures in the Southwark diocese.

Bishops are unhappy at restrictions imposed upon services under the lockdown, because they bar group worship.

The Bishop of Southwark, Christopher Chessun, has written to clergy to ask them to pressure MPs to exempt group worship, while Archbishop John Wilson has also written to figures in the Catholic church to do the same.

While accepting the need for lockdown, Rt Rev Chessun said: “The Church is not a branch of the leisure or hospitality industries with a tap that can be turned on and off by politicians at will.”

He has pledged to work closely with fellow bishops to “hold the government to account” over their decision.



  1. How, in 2020, are these religious frauds and charlatans still getting heard? They brainwash children at an early age and then keep them hooked to their lies and myths forever.
    All religious nuts should produce their sky fairies as evidence or jog themselves on.
    The 21st century has better things to do than be bothered by them popping up to have their say all the time.

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