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View from Westminster: ‘The cost of Tory delays will be paid in lost lives and livelihoods’

I know that the current second national lockdown is very difficult for many residents and businesses, both in my constituency and across the rest of Southwark, writes Helen Hayes MP…

Many constituents have written to me to raise their concerns about the impact that the second lockdown is having on local businesses, access to sports and recreation including swimming and the closure of churches, mosques, synagogues and other places of worship.

We all want to see life return to a more normal pattern as soon as possible and it is therefore good to hear of positive early results in the clinical trials of two potential coronavirus vaccines.

Labour called for a short sharp circuit breaker many weeks ago, but Boris Johnson and his Tory government dithered and delayed while the number of coronavirus cases and patients in hospital with coronavirus rose higher and higher until they had no choice but to introduce a much longer national lockdown with more difficult consequences for everyone.

There is no doubt that the cost of these Tory delays will be paid in lost lives and livelihoods and deeper scars on our economy.

I recently visited King’s College Hospital to thank the nurses, doctors, admin staff, allied health professionals, porters and cleaners who have made us all so proud of our National Health Service for their incredible work since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The staff are well prepared for the current second wave of COVID-19, though their continuous hard work has taken its toll on many of them who have their fingers crossed that next year will see the roll out of a vaccine.

The strong message from King’s is that the hospital is open and safe to attend for people who need medical attention. If you have an appointment, you should make sure that you attend, and take care to follow any instructions the hospital provides on self-isolation beforehand, to avoid your treatment or procedure having to be postponed.

We owe a huge debt of burden to the key workers at King’s College Hospital and across the whole of our NHS and social care – if you’re reading this, thank you!


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