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Re-elected council could take major step to tackle air pollution, obesity and climate emergency

Congratulations to the newly re-elected Labour administration and Lib-Dem Opposition and commiserations to the Green & Tory Parties, who will have no councillors representing the thousands of their voters due to the unfair electoral system we are blighted with.

Below are the promises made to the campaign group Stop Killing Cyclists by the new administration.

IF implemented (we have had many cycling false dawns over the years), it would be a major step to tackling the triple crises facing the borough: air-pollution, obesity epidemic & the climate emergency.

  1. Liveable neighbourhoods – Southwark Labour will bid for funding for Peckham Rye Lane, a new linked Quietway route & where else we can.  The Mini-Holland scheme in Waltham Forest cost £30 million & we will bid for a similar large amount.
  2. We will commit to spending equivalent of £20 per head for total investment in our cycling infrastructure.
  3. Reference is made in the OKR masterplan to a fully protected new cycle lane which we support & we support CS4.
  4. We will continue to invest in all physical measures to reduce speeding cars especially on 20 mph streets. Speed cameras are outside of Council’s direct control but we will press TfL to use average speed cameras as much as possible.
  5. The Council will expand & enhance its scheme to encourage staff to cycle on council business for greater take-up.
  6. We commit to a traffic-free Rye Lane as an objective & will continue dialogue with TfL about its Quietway status.
  7. We commit to designing each junction according to best practice & design standards & London Cycle Design Standards which cater for protected left-hand turns & T-junction bypasses, as done with QW7.
  8.  HGVs: we commit to insisting on agreements signed with developers that include Construction Management Plans & ensure that they are CLOCS and FORS registered. We also commit to reviewing the Council’s Fleet operations. Registration & implementation of CLOC scheme for relevant council vehicles will be included in this review.”

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