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MP Neil Coyle: ‘Love always beats hate’ 


Schools are meant to be enjoying Easter holidays but parents, teachers, governors and heads will not have had much of a break sadly.

The Lib Dem/Tory Coalition and current Conservative Government have spent years cutting spending on local services and are back now attacking our children’s future. Southwark stands to lose £5 million under the current proposals which would undermine the quality of education provided and future opportunities for local children.

As News readers will know, I met the Education Minister with Harriet Harman, Helen Hayes and Peter John to outline our concerns. Southwark has some of the best performing schools after years of investment under the last Labour Government and partnership working with local schools. I will continue to push the Government hard on this issue. Schools only get one chance to get education right and the Tories must not let our children down by axing their budgets. The Government should be levelling all schools up to Southwark standards and should drop some of the costs imposed on schools, like the apprenticeship levy, business rates and exorbitant recruitment fees.

Parliament is also in Easter ‘recess’. This means even more time on our side of the river, including to attend events like the Nelson Square celebrations and meetings with local housing associations and charities, employers and leaseholders. I got to take my daughter Esme to Surrey Docks Farm for her first birthday too (time has flown!). I’m also planning St George’s Day celebrations with the Beormund Community Centre and Borough Market. Let me know your plans: I’m happy to drop in, just email me at Neil.Coyle.MP@Parliament.UK or call 020 7232 4640.

I attended the funeral of PC Keith Palmer on Monday at Southwark Cathedral.  Our local and national police do an outstanding job preventing attacks. I’m proud of the police officers in my family. The police deserve every resource to ensure they can tackle online radicalisation and all other crimes to help keep us safe. I’ve asked local schools to show their support for our police and I’m proud of the response so far, with St James’ Primary first to send me their letters to our Borough Commander. I hope more will share their thoughts soon to show how much we value all PC Palmer’s colleagues.

It was an honour to represent our community at the national tribute to PC Palmer. Southwark played a significant role in leading the tribute and I hope everyone will learn from the sermon at the funeral: love always beats hate.

Happy Easter!


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