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Dulwich MP Helen Hayes says King’s College Hospital needs more funding

King’s College Hospital holds a special place in my heart – my Mum worked there as an occupational therapist, both of my daughters were born there, I’ve had surgery there myself and as a family we’ve had to visit Accident and Emergency on a number of occasions.

Staff at King’s have recently looked after patients from both the Westminster and Borough Market terror attacks, as well as victims of the recent Grenfell Tower fire. On every occasion they have demonstrated calm professionalism and care and risen to the substantial challenges.

I recently visited some of the new mental health rooms in Accident and Emergency and looked at the much delayed new entrance to Accident and Emergency. Further works are underway over the coming months and I am looking forward to the time when the new arrangements come into place.

The Lib Dem-Tory coalition government substantially underfunded King’s, which led to the Care Quality Commission judging the Trust as Requiring Improvement a few years ago. Now there has been a re-inspection of the Trust and although there were improvements noted in a number of service areas the Trust is still ranked as Requiring Improvement.

Perversely the current Tory government has decided that despite King’s financial difficulties it will not give any additional funds to the hospital because it hasn’t managed to meet its targets. Of course the reason that King’s hasn’t managed to meet its targets is because of its financial difficulties. Other hospitals in less financially precarious situations have been given more money!

I will be raising this issue in the House of Commons with the government when Parliament resumes after the summer break.


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