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Britain has the most right-wing PM since Margaret Thatcher left office 30 years ago

Britain now has the most right-wing Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher left office almost 30 years ago, with one of the most right-wing cabinets in Britain’s history, writes Helen Hayes, MP for Dulwich and West Norwood…

We have a new Home Secretary who took part in secret meetings with foreign government ministers behind the previous Prime Minister’s back and a chief advisor who was found to be in contempt of Parliament.

We face the very real threat of a catastrophic No Deal exit from the European Union on 31st October this year, a high chance of a recession and grave risks to peace in Northern Ireland. The Labour Party is clear that a No Deal exit is unacceptable and we will do everything possible to prevent it.

Londoners know that behind Boris Johnson’s mask of bluster and buffoonery, is a politician who as a backbencher, Mayor of London, and Foreign Secretary was a disaster.

As Mayor of London Boris Johnson agreed that Transport for London’s £700million a year grant from the government should be cut to zero, leaving London the only capital city in the whole world which receives no subsidy for our public transport.

Boris Johnson also started a huge programme of police station closures as Mayor and then once elected as a backbench MP voted repeatedly for cuts to police numbers in London and across the country, resulting in 21,000 fewer police now than in 2010.

Boris Johnson has failed time and time again on housing. As Mayor of London he failed to lobby the government to deliver the funding to build the genuinely affordable social homes that we so desperately need, and as an MP he voted to cut Southwark’s annual housing budget by more than £64 million a year and the council’s non-housing budget by more than £100million a year – he simply doesn’t care about solving the housing crisis or funding the services Southwark residents rely on.

Beneath the comedy exterior, Boris Johnson’s political decisions have had hugely serious consequences for Southwark, and now threaten even more serious consequences for our country.



  1. You certainly give Helen Hayes a lot of column time, where is the balanced or alternative view in the spirit of impartial journalism?

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