Thursday, June 30, 2022

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Small businesses unimpressed by Government’s 2021 budget

Small businesses owners are lukewarm on the new budget, which they say does little to offset the damage done by Brexit

Reformed tax on alcohol content risks putting local pubs ‘on the brink’

While the tax reform helps larger chain pubs, local pubs may be left out in the cold

Remembering Geoff Hill on his Bermondsey patch

Our former journalist and ITV Editor was laid to rest last week

‘I want to do more’: East Dulwich woman wins prize for black British businesspeople

Akima said: 'Winning this award means a lot to me personally as my path to success has not been straightforward or without speed bumps'

‘My teachers’ empathy really helped me’: Rotherhithe man co-founds women’s nutrition company

Jamal Ramsay launched Boxd with childhood friend Jamal Ayton-Brown earlier this year


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