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The Snow Queen

Shines a light on the climate emergency and provides an inspiring and powerful message about sustainability

Performance Training

Dulwich boys design pavilion for climate conference

The innovative pavilion shows a deconstructed dome pulled apart by the symbolic hands of humanity

Will Cressida Dick’s undercover police officers actually protect women?

Solace women's aid have argued that the police's focus is not in the right place and the change will not solve the issue

Help shape the future of Southwark’s public art in online consultation

The council are aiming to improve the diversity of their public art to better reflect the borough

Elephant theatre group take over west End’s Building Centre at night to stage seven plays commenting on new developments

Catch the show, it might be the first and only time that you get to see this unique attraction like you have never experienced it before

Divorced, Beheaded and Live in the West End

A non-stop 80 minute performance that ticks every box on the Entertainment Checklist

Holiday Recipes

A poignant letter from one of the brothers reads: 'Dear father, how are you going on at home? I am quite well, out of the trenches for some time, having our rest'

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